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Like so many other hams, I used QRZ.com for casually looking up call signs for validation and security. Over time the site has become polluted with advertisements and web tracking tools as the owner became less focused on the service to hams and more focused on making more money. In talking to other hams over the years and my own recent investigation, I found the information on QRZ is edited to various degrees by the site owner and apparently SELLS YOUR DATA. I was shocked.
Since they are privately owned, they technically have every right to edit whatever is posted. Unfortunately they do so on occasion to the detriment of the amateur community. A ham's access to their information is restricted or eliminated at times just for a difference of opinion between a ham and the site owner. Often hams like to put their official email or pictures or a short description about themselves or their station. This is not only nice for visitors but also helps eliminate fraud and pirating of call signs.
It has been discovered QRZ at times does not permit hams of the owner's choosing to add those details for other hams. They have even deleted call signs! This puts other hams at risk as well as the call sign owner. For this reason, I will not use and cannot recommend, that other hams use that service.
There are other sites, and when explored, are better call sign look up services. I recommend and encourage the usage of call sign search web sites like WM7D HamCall, or HamQTH. I hope you take time to explore those sites and enjoy their clean no nonsense approach as I do.